Spring 2019 Distinguished Lecture Series With Carl Cohn - Lecture 1

Leadership Lessons: Pathways to Progress featuring Carl Cohn

Lecture 1: The Early Years - Laying the Groundwork for Leadership

Reception: 5:00-5:30pm, Lecture: 5:30-6:30pm

Carl Cohn’s mother, a victim of domestic violence, raised six children by herself following her husband’s attempt to kill her when Carl was two years old. Growing up in a household defined by poverty and a devout Catholic faith led to him becoming both an altar boy and paper boy—two experiences that helped to profoundly influence the course of his early life and his decision to begin studying to be a priest at an early age. 

The course of his life was dramatically influenced by the prep seminary, and a remarkable “band of brothers” who met as 13 year-olds in the fall of 1959. Many from that group, which includes a major university president, an assistant director of the FBI, an award-winning university professor and numerous other leaders in law, business and public service, have stayed friends for more six decades. Unfortunately, that group of idealistic young men, who first met in 1959, also included a notorious priest-molester of school children.

This first lecture will close with a description of life in the seminary college, Carl becoming student body president, and the extraordinary events of 1968 that led to his decision to leave the seminary and begin a career in public education.

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